Monthly Archives: February 2020

2020 Easter Egg Hunt Planning

Due to the Corona Virus lock downs we are postponing this until a later date TBD.

We are starting to plan for a Hidden Valley Homeowner Easter egg hunt for 2020. This will be held in the Hidden Valley Park on March 28th at 10am. It is open to Hidden Valley residents, children, grand children, nephews, and nieces aged 0-14.

We plan on having 3 groups of children hunt in different parts of the park for eggs hidden by our volunteers. We will have candy and age appropriate toys inside of the eggs.

Punch/Cider will be provided and possibly cookies as well after the event. Please vote in our poll with the number of “egg hunters” you plan on bringing to the event. You should get an email shortly with the password for this poll. Go here to vote once you have the password.

Please contact us if you do not see the email by February 17, 2020 and would like to vote.