Monthly Archives: February 2017

Proposed New Development Nearby

We wanted to ensure the neighborhood has information about a proposed development that may impact some residents of our association. The area in question is the south side of 73rd street along Harkness Ave. The board takes no position other than to inform the neighborhood about it. Mike Rygh’s proposed residential development plans for the Villas of Hidden Valley project is detailed below.

This project still proposes the platting of 19 lots for single-level houses. Each house would be constructed on a separate parcel of land. The street that will provide access to each of the 19 lots is proposed to be a private street. City water and sanitary sewer will still be constructed for each of the 19 lots. Mr. Rygh has modified the pre-treatment and infiltration storm water ponds, but said pond will still be mostly located on city-owned land north of the 19 lots. All the trees on this 4.76 acre site will still be removed and site grading will occur on the entire site.

The proposed retaining wall along the south property line of Rygh’s proposed development plan has been modified to a two-tier retaining wall design. A privacy fence along this retaining wall is now proposed to be installed at the top elevation of the retaining walls.

A public walkway to the existing 20 foot wide trial corridor that is along the west side of the Hidden Valley neighborhood is not proposed through Rygh’s project. Zac Dockter does not think a trail will be fully developed within this existing 20 foot corridor that is owned by the City.

If you have questions about the project, let me know. A copy of Rygh’s development plans that will be presented to the Planning Commission next Monday, February 27th can be found here.