Pay Online

Now you can pay your dues online!
1. Enter your house address on the web page before you click the PayNow button – (ie: 7393 HVT, 7415 HVL etc)
2. On the PayPal page – If you are paying the standard dues + online pay fee select that option (after June 1 this will also change monthly to add past due of 10%APR). If your invoice has a different amount, enter your invoice amount plus the transaction fee in the Item Price field.
3. Enter any responses in the space provided
4. Click on “update”
5. Click on payment method and fill in info. If you have a PayPal account it will want you to log into it.
6. Please enter any responses to questions on the Invoice and/or comments you may have in the “Comments to the Seller” box OR you can email them to
7. If you do not have a PayPal account it will ask if you want to create one. You need to click on “no thanks” to get your confirmation number and a payment confirmation email will be sent to the email address you entered.

Annual Dues

Std Annual Dues
House Address